New Service Request

Welcome to the Fayette Water Supply Corporation Community.  Please contact our office by phone at (979) 968-6475 to request a cost estimate. 

Please complete the New Member Packet, below, and provide FWSC with a copy of your Recorded Deed as proof of ownership. 

Obtaining Proof of Ownership. Proof of Ownership is required to be in the FWSC within 30 days of acknowledgement. Proof of Ownership must be provided by a copy of the Deed, Deed of Trust, etc. The document must be Recorded and have the volume and page number at the top. If Proof of Ownership is not received in the FWSC Office within 30 days, FWSC has my permission to obtain the Proof of Ownership and bill my account $25.00.

Customer Service Inspections. The Corporation requires that a customer service inspection certification be completed prior to providing continuous water service to new construction and for all new members as part of the activation of standard and some non-standard service. Customer service inspections are also required on any existing service when the Corporation has reason to believe that cross-connections or other potential contaminant hazards exist, or after any material improvement, correction or addition to the members’ water distribution facilities. This inspection is limited to the identification and prevention of cross connections, potential contaminant hazards and illegal lead materials. (30 TAC 290.46(j)) (See Tariff Section G. 23.)

**Please note, FWSC needs the original Right-of-Way Easement form to file at the County Clerk's Office. You may email all other documents to: Please DO NOT print double sided.**


We look forward to serving your water needs!

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