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At Fayette Water Supply Corporation, we are committed to providing safe, high quality water services to our community, while maintaining a standard of excellence in customer service and environmental conservation.

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Pressure Reducing Valves & Member Cut-Off Valves

May 22, 2020

Do I need a Pressure Reducer Valve (PRV)?

As stated in FWSC’s Service Application and Agreement, FWSC is not responsible for any damage to Member’s property due to water pressure. Due to circumstances beyond FWSC’s control, water pressure may fluctuate. Therefore, it is recommended that all properties have a PRV installed to prevent any damage to pipes and/or appliances. The Member can attach their own PRV or a have licensed plumber do so. Typically, the PRV is factory set to 55PSI, but can be adjusted. It is not recommended for the pressure to exceed 80PSI.

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From one end of this continent to the other

From one end of this continent to the other

July 01, 2020

July 2020. This month, North Americans will be celebrating the birth of their country, their identity as a people and as a nation. From Winnipeg to Washington, D.C., from Calgary to Corpus Christi, from Toronto to Tallahassee, we will watch fireworks and watch parades, we will sing and laugh and make merry. And EAT. Whether your celebration will include barbecue and watermelon, or haddock and butter tarts, there will certainly be some good eats. Join the celebration!

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