Line Locates

Fayette Water Supply is NOT on Texas 811.  If you need a line locate, please forward the email confirmation you received from Texas 811 to . The Texas 811 confirmation email has your information, the property location, and the digging information we need to do the locate.  If you do not have email, please call 979-968-6475.  Once FWSC receives the line locate request, FWSC has 2 business days to respond, excluding holidays.  Locates are only valid for 14 days, whether or not the lines/flags are still present.  If 14 days have passed, please be sure to call in to renew the locate request.  If it is not renewed and FWSC's line is hit, you may be billed for the cost of the repair. 

For more information on the Texas Administrative Code please click here: Texas Administrative Code