About Fayette Water Supply Corporation

Serving rural areas of Fayette County
with potable drinking water
since 1973

History and General Description

Fayette Water Supply Corporation (FWSC) was incorporated on November 5, 1973, as a Texas Non-Profit Corporation. The Corporation was formed for the purpose of furnishing a water supply for general farm use and domestic purposes to individuals residing in the rural communities of Fayette County. Individuals who desire to have this service must become members of the Corporation. The governing body consists of a Board of Directors totaling seven members. These directors are elected by the Corporation's members at the annual meeting held on the fourth Monday in March and they serve without any compensation. The Corporation selects its own management staff, sets its user charges, establishes its own budgets, and controls all aspects of daily operations. It receives no funding from any outside entity.

FWSC is currently serving 2,280 members residing in the rural areas of Fayette County with approximately 350 miles of distribution lines. The Corporation owns all but one of its well site properties. The property un-owned is under a 100 year lease. FWSC is under one Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN), which consist of two separate systems east and west divided by the Colorado River.

The system west of the river extends partially into Gonzales County. To distribute water FWSC has four active wells and a CoBank funded well/well site currently under construction. The system has a division of two pressure plains and uses a booster station to distribute water between them. This system has three inter-connects with adjoining water systems, one with the City of La Grange and two with Fayette County Water Control and Improvement District (FCWCID). This system also has two standpipes and an elevated storage tank. This system accounts for approximately three fourths of the member base served by FWSC.

The water system east of the river has two wells and one inter-connect with the City of La Grange. This system accounts for the remaining one fourth of the customer base served by FWSC.

Fayette Water Supply Corporation CCN Service Area

Quick Facts

  • Serving 2,280 Members of rural Fayette County
  • Approximately 350 miles of pipeline within a 600 square mile service area
  • Operating 6 water wells and treatment facilities
  • Pumping capacity of 4,300 gallons per minute
  • Storage capacity of 1,475,200 gallons

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By Phone

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By Mail

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